Admission Requirement

HKIE List of Mediators 


To be eligible for inclusion on the HKIE List of Mediators, the applicant shall be required to:

  • be a HKIE Corporate Member;
  • be a HKMAAL Accredited General MediatorNote; and
  • demonstrate previous exposure in mediation.


The HKIE joined the Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL) as a member with effective from 25 October 2013. The HKMAAL, as a single accreditation body in Hong Kong, is a non-profit-making company limited by guarantee. The founder members of HKMAAL are the Hong Kong Bar Association, the Law Society of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and the Hong Kong Mediation Centre. More information of the HKMAAL can be found at their website at

In this connection, the HKIE will no longer accredit mediators. Should members be interested to apply for inclusion as an accredited mediator on the HKIE List of Mediators, you are required to first apply for inclusion into the HKMAAL Panel of Mediators and send us the relevant approval document(s) issued by the HKMAAL for inclusion in the HKIE List. Please contact HKMAAL at 2525 2381 or visit their website aforementioned for application details of the HKMAAL Panel of Mediators.